Our 2020 Program: Cancelled due to COVID-19

We held out as long as we could to decide on whether it would be possible to run this year’s Canadian Institute for Digital Literacies Learning, but in May of 2020, and in collaboration with our incredibly generous institutional partner, the Canada Science and Technology Museum, we had to make the difficult decision to cancel our program.

This is certainly not the end of this institute — but it does mean that we need to rethink what it might become in the years ahead.

To all of our participants past and future, we thank you for all of the ways that you have contributed to the development of new networks, new thinking, new research. There is so much work to do. Together, we can build schools where this and future generations of Canadian students can come to know themselves as powerful digital meaning makers. Until we meet again, stay healthy and take care of one another.

Introducing Jamilee Baroud and Geneviève Cloutier

This summer, our Critical Digital Video Production stream will be led by two up-and-coming superstars at our Faculty who bring a wealth of experience as teachers, artists, and researchers to our #LNDLCA community. Jamilee Baroud and Geneviève Cloutier are doctoral candidates at the University of Ottawa Faculty of Education who have worked closely with Dr. Diane Watt and her media production and research teams. These young teacher-scholars were integral to the success of last year’s Institute and this year, they have stepped up to take the lead! In this short video, Jamilee and Geneviève introduce themselves and share a bit about the exciting work they will be leading during the Canadian Institute for Digital Literacies Learning this summer.

Digital Literacies Institute Intro Blog from Geneviève Cloutier on Vimeo.